Suspected dinosaur fossils of new genera and new species were found in Hebei 130 million years ago

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According to the Fengning Fossil Museum, Chinese experts found suspected dinosaur fossils of new genera and new species in the strata of Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Hebei Province 130 million years ago. According to the estimation of leg bone fossils, it belongs to large and medium-sized dinosaur fossils.

In October 2017, the staff of Fengning Fossil Museum found some dinosaur fossils exposed on the ground during field investigation in mustard ditch, liqilong village, sichakou Township, and then protected them. Since then, with the approval of the Department of land and resources of Hebei Province, the commencement ceremony of rescue excavation of dinosaur fossils was held in mustard Valley on September 4 this year, and Fengning paleontological fossil protection and Research Center was established. At present, the excavation is in progress.

Paleontological fossil research experts said that China is recognized as a large country of paleontological fossils in the world, and Fengning is an important fossil producing area of Jehol biota. The discovery of the "gorgeous Golden Phoenix" fossil in 2004 shocked the world. In 2008, Hebei provincial government approved the establishment of Fengning paleontological fossil Nature Reserve in sichakou township. Fossils in the reserve include more than 20 categories, such as reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, mammals, fish, insects and plants. With the gradual expansion and deepening of fossil excavation and research, there will be more important and significant new discoveries. Fengning is likely to become a popular science base for paleontological research, viewing, teaching and training.

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