What is simulation dynamic sculpture?

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Simulation dynamic sculpture is also known as dynamic sculpture. Its "interaction" is the main feature of dynamic sculpture, and its subjectivity is finally reflected in the "interaction" between the work and the audience. Before the creation of traditional sculpture, artists have considered the aesthetic setting of the audience. In the process of accepting the works, the audience is passive and the works are active. The biggest difference from traditional sculpture is interaction. Its color and shape change randomly according to the number of people and corresponding activities in the surrounding space. No matter what state the audience is in, stationary or moving will have an impact on the "movement" of the sculpture.

Dynamic sculpture further expands the form of traditional sculpture, organically combines the art form of installation and architecture, and emphasizes a "theatrical" relationship between the work and the surrounding environment. In addition to the continuous change of the curved and flowing shape of the sculpture in the process of movement, its overall appearance complements the surrounding buildings, and activates the single and static space formed by the surrounding buildings, giving it vitality.


The use of sound and light in dynamic sculpture, especially in the richness and diversity of visual expression, due to the artist's effective use of various light beams, many charming images are produced, and the light is constantly changing. The resulting various confusing images inject a dreamlike feeling into the space.

Our speech tree simulation dynamic sculpture can open your mouth to speak or sing (you can input audio or speak directly with a microphone according to customer requirements), blink, eyebrow movement and other actions. Working voltage: 110 / 220VAC, 50 / 60Hz, power: 400W, weight: 50kg; The color is the color of simulated trees, which can also be selected by customers.

This product is made of metal steel frame, motor, sponge and silicone rubber, with professional bubble film or simple packaging; Suitable for: popular science exhibition, business, park, museum, amusement park and other places.

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