Tyrannosaurus Rex - the most brutal Cretaceous carnivorous dinosaur

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Dinosaur Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dinosaur body length: 15m

Dinosaur weight: 6.5-7 tons

Dinosaur food: Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Survival age: Late Cretaceous

Living place: Montana, USA

Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the top ten famous dinosaurs in the world. Tyrannosaurus Rex survived in the late Cretaceous, with an average body length of 11.7 meters, up to 14.6 meters, an average hip height of 4 meters, a maximum hip height of more than 5 meters, an average weight of 11 tons and a maximum weight of 14.85 tons. It is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs in the world. In 1909, Barnum brown, an American dinosaur fossil collector, found the skeleton of the first Tyrannosaurus Rex in Hale Creek, Montana. Many authoritative experts think that the growth rate of this dinosaur is still slow, but up to now, the longest lived Tyrannosaurus rex has only lived to 28 years old. The key to why it has such a huge body is that Tyrannosaurus Rex can grow rapidly and gain weight every day, That led to Tyrannosaurus Rex becoming such a large dinosaur.

25 meter long simulated dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus rex has very small front legs, which are only about 80 cm long. Compared with the huge body shape and hind legs of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the front legs look very small. They can't touch their mouth or feet. It is likely that their function is only to stabilize and balance the huge head between them. Tyrannosaurus rex has a huge mouth on its huge head. The teeth between them are as big as incense, and the biting force is amazing. According to the calculation of researchers, the biting force of Tyrannosaurus Rex in adulthood can exceed 110000 to 200000 Newtons. It can easily bite through the skin of other dinosaurs and bite off the bones between them, We call them Tyrannosaurus Rex.

13 meter long simulated dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus Rex

When it comes to Tyrannosaurus Rex, many people still have some knowledge about it. This is also this kind of organism that survived in the late Cretaceous, and it belongs to this kind of organism with large body size in Tyrannosaurus Rex family. Its limb length is more than 11 meters, and its weight is more than 9 tons. It belongs to this kind of dinosaur that is the latest extinct today.

8 meter long simulated dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus Rex

After finding the Tyrannosaurus Rex, we can still see many trees in this century, and some small branches and rods will appear in those plates. Therefore, in the century when Tyrannosaurus Rex seeks survival, we can still see all kinds of trees. At this time, dinosaurs gradually begin to reduce, because Tyrannosaurus Rex can still survive better, so usually this kind of dinosaur, The fossils found in some jungles still mainly include the fossils of trees, which more indicates that Tyrannosaurus Rex existed in the Cretaceous period.

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