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Zigong Yunyi culture and Art Co., Ltd. is located in Zigong, the beautiful southern lamp city and the hometown of dinosaurs. It is an enterprise specializing in the planning, design, production, exhibition projects, cultural landscape and the planning, design, development and production of all kinds of simulated animals and plants, simulated robot dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons. The company's simulated dinosaur production factory is one of the large-scale simulated dinosaur production factories in China. The company has a modern industrial plant in Zigong Bancang Industrial Park, specializing in the design, production, sales and external exhibition of a series of new scientific and technological products, such as simulated dinosaurs, simulated animals, simulated insects, game models, monsters, special customization and so on.

The company has a foreign trade team, R & D and construction team, strong innovative design concept and rich management experience. The factory has advanced production equipment and perfect process flow. One-to-one staff provide customized product tracking services for customers in product design, production, transportation, installation, pre-sales and after-sales.

Yunyi culture and art, jointly with Sichuan University of light chemical industry, has a large number of professionals. Adhering to the business philosophy of professional construction and standardized management, the company takes product quality as its life, actively develops and develops new products, and cooperates with friends from all walks of life with a sincere attitude for mutual benefit, so as to provide customers with high-quality services and is sincerely willing to serve all localities All parties and all walks of life provide high-quality artistic works with unique fresh noodles and wonderful charm.

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