The archaeological team found a new species of herbivorous dinosaurs 110 million years ago

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A cooperative archaeological team from Spain and Argentina found a previously undiscovered dinosaur species in neuken, Patagonia, which lived more than 110 million years ago. The new dinosaurs belong to the rebbachisauridae family of herbivore quadrupeds. The fossils they found came from an adult dinosaur about 10 to 12 meters long and two young dinosaurs about 6 to 7 meters long. According to the independent, dinosaurs probably ate leaves and grass. They traveled together and died together.

Jose Luis cabaldo, a researcher at the Egidio feruglio Museum, told AFP: "we have found most of the skulls: nose, chin, many teeth and bones that can be recognized as eye sockets, so we can create an almost complete reconstruction."“ We found new species in areas where fossils are difficult to find, and the skull is almost complete. "

The nuken area 110 million years ago is said to be a desert, which means that most people think fossils are unlikely to be found in the area.

According to Clarin, the new species was named lavocachisaurus. French paleontologist Ren é lavocat discovered the first rebbachisauridae dinosaur in the Sahara desert in the 1950s.

Rebbachisauridae was discovered in Europe and Africa, and the recent discovery in South America further supports the theory that these continents were linked millions of years ago.

The fossils are now located at the orsah Museum of Natural Science in neuken sapala.

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