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Dinosaur Name: Emeisaurus

Dinosaur body length: 20m

Dinosaur weight: 30 tons

Dinosaur food: all kinds of plants and leaves

Survival age: middle Late Jurassic

Living place: Dashanpu, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China

The Emeisaurus lived in the Asian region of China at the end of the Jurassic period. The Emeisaurus was 16-21 meters long and weighed 30 tons.

Emeisaurus, also known as "Zigong City Dragon", its animal fossils were found in Emei Mountain in my country in 1939, so everyone named it after finding the Emei Mountain.

16 meters long simulation Emeisaurus

The head and neck of Emeisaurus is composed of 17 bones, which is really long enough! The head is a bit smaller compared to the slender neck. With a long neck, Emeisaurus can easily reach the top of tall trees and eat the leaves and fruits that these little dinosaurs can't even think of.

13 meters long simulation Emeisaurus

Its physical stamina can also be regarded as a relatively large category. The teeth that look like a spoon are good for Emei dragon to eat food such as tree leaves. Emei dragons live in groups by the lake with a wide river surface. Since Emei dragons are blood relatives to the chief dragons found in our country, the appearances of these dragons are very similar.

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