Plateosaurus-flat reptile

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Dinosaur Name: Plateosaurus

Dinosaur body length: 6-8 meters

Dinosaur weight: 5 tons

Dinosaur food: all kinds of plants and leaves

Survival age: Late Triassic

Living place: France, Switzerland and Germany

Plateosaurus means "flat mammal". The plant eating Banlong is the first kind of giant dinosaur to survive on the earth. Banlong is an early, tall and large herbivore. This kind of long necked organism can stand up with its hind feet, and can go to the top of big trees like Alsophila spinulosa and hard leaf forest, and tear off the leaves with its sharp teeth. Don't eat food. The body is big and stupid, and the Banlong is likely to touch the ground with his hands and feet. They live in groups, crossing the desert areas of Europe together to find new areas with food. It survived in Europe at the end of Triassic. More than 7 meters, classification: lizard mammals

Simulation dinosaur 5 meters  Plateosaurus

Long before Banlong appeared, the main plant eating reptiles were as big as a pig. Plateosaurus is much bigger, its size is as long as a bus. Sometimes it walks around on its hands and feet and looks for vegetation on the ground, but when it wants to, it can stand up on its two strong hind feet and look for the rest of the area to eat. Board dragon is different from other dinosaurs that lived before it. It can reach the branches of tall trees. The teeth and upper and lower jaws of Plateosaurus are not suitable for occlusion. Therefore, Plateosaurus probably swallowed all kinds of stones, stored them in his stomach, turned the powder like a pulverizer, and crushed the diet into a thick paste.

6-meter-long simulated dinosaur - Plateosaurus

Plateosaurus is particularly easy to bend back and deform its claws. On weekdays, it looks like a toe on the ground, but once it wants to catch something, it will bend its five finger claws and firmly clench them into a fist. It's not so easy for Plateosaurus to walk upright. Its sensitive neck makes it too heavy up and light down, and it is unlikely to walk with its feet touching the ground all the time. The walking method of hands and feet towards the ground is more comfortable and natural for Plateosaurus.

Plateosaurus is a kind of dinosaur belonging to the early dinosaur group. It is the only most common dinosaur in the Triassic. Now it has a long neck and tail and a very small skull in children's books or children's toys. It is about eight meters long. It may be the ancestor and predecessor of large and medium-sized sauropods in the Jurassic era.

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