Scientists simulated the tsunami that led to the extinction of dinosaurs at a wave height of about 1500 meters

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According to the Russian satellite network, recently, American scientists simulated the tsunami caused by the asteroid "shiksurub" hitting the earth, with a wave height of about 1500 meters. History has led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

It is reported that scientists have built a computer model to simulate the changes in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico within 10 minutes after the asteroid hick sulub crashed. The model shows that its impact affects the whole earth.

Among them, the waves formed in the Gulf of Mexico moved at a speed of 143 kilometers per hour, covering the entire Atlantic on the first day. The wave height is about 1500 meters, but in today's world, the maximum wave height is no more than 24 meters.

Scientists believe that asteroid impact may have occurred more than 65 million years ago, leading to the extinction of dinosaurs. The asteroid with a diameter of 14 kilometers fell to the earth, triggering a tsunami about 1500 meters high in the Gulf of Mexico, causing chaos in the ocean.

In addition, after entering the atmosphere, asteroids throw out a lot of hot stones and dust, causing forest fires, and there is almost no sunlight on the whole earth.

It is reported that the Cretaceous tertiary extinction event is one of the five "extinction events", which occurred about 66 million years ago. Dinosaurs are one of the endangered species in this period.

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