Ankylosaurus a dinosaur with spiked armor

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Dinosaur Name: Ankylosaurus

Dinosaur body length: 12-13m

Dinosaur weight: 6-7 tons

Dinosaur food: Meat

Survival age: Cretaceous

Living place: North America

Ankylosaurus was a kind of dinosaur that ate green plants and wore "armor" all over. They are usually six or seven meters long. Their hind legs are longer than their front legs. They are clumsy. They only crawl slowly on the ground with their hands and feet. They look like crawlers. Therefore, some people call them meat shield dinosaurs.

4 meters simulation ankylosaurus

Compared with most of the present land animals, the full-grown Jialong is very large. Jialong is about 6.25 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and more than 1.6 meters. Its body is flat and wide. The Ankylosaurus walked on four feet, with its hind legs longer than its front legs. Although experts still don't know the pattern of its feet, it is likely to have five toes compared with other jialongidae. The skull is flat and triangular, and the total width exceeds the total length. It is known that the largest skull is 64.5 cm long and 74.3 cm wide. Jialong is a plant eater. It has very small and medium-sized leaves like teeth. It is suitable for gnawing green plants. The Ankylosaurus did not have crushing teeth like the horned dinosaurs and duckbill dinosaurs of the same period, which shows that it rarely bite the food. The bones of the skull and other parts of the body are closed to enhance their ability.

Ankylosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous, at the same time, there were many carnivorous dinosaurs. Its iliac bone, nail like bone plate and hammer like tail (also known as tail hammer) can bring very good protective effect. Its bones were excavated in Montana and should be the last extinct group of dinosaurs.

The upper end of the Jialong body is covered with thick scales, with two rows of thorns on the back and two horns on the head. Jialong has a tail like a golf club. Its four legs are all short, its neck is also very short, and its skull is tall and big.

5m simulation ankylosaurus display

It is likely that the face of a hard shell with bones will be used to avoid predators, but wearing this shield, especially the "hat", will be very hot. New research shows that in order to keep cool, Jialong evolved complex and curved nostrils with capillaries, which are conducive to the control of calorific change. According to the inquiry solid model constructed by CT scanning, the inquiry technicians estimate that the methylprednisolone is likely to reduce the temperature of the gas they inhale to 20 degrees, and then form a cooler blood night in the body and transmit it to the head, so as to prevent the head temperature from being too high.

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