Armored roofed lizard of Stegosaurus

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Dinosaur Name: Stegosaurus large herbivorous dinosaur

Dinosaur body length: 7-9 meters, height 2.35-3.5 meters

Dinosaur weight: 2-4 tons

Dinosaur food: low plants

Survival age: Late Jurassic

Living place: Asia and North America

Stegosaurus means "covered snake lizard" or "roofed snake lizard". Researchers don't know what the bones of this plate on the back of Stegosaurus do. Some people think Stegosaurus made full use of this bone to keep warm. M. P. Felch found the first Stegosaurus dinosaur fossil in 1876.

Stegosaurus simulation model

They are famous for their sharp and long plates like Shangfang sword. The mature Stegosaurus is about 12 meters long, 7 meters high, 12 meters long and weighs about 4 tons. They belong to Stegosaurus of the order ornithus. They have plate bones on the back and long spines on the top of the tail. They are one of the most famous dinosaurs. The giant Stegosaurus lived in the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous. Stegosaurus was a common herbivorous dinosaur. Its food included bryophytes, ferns, Equisetum, Alsophila spinulosa, pine and cypress trees and some fruit food. They are thought to live in plain areas and live together with other herbivores such as Liang long in the way of group behavior and nomadism. Stegosaurus is also a well-known dinosaur with a large scale in the Jurassic era. The most obvious external essential feature is that there is a whole row of triangular bone plates on the back and four hard spines on the tail, with a dangerous tail containing four hard spines to defend the attack of predators.

Simulated Stegosaurus model displayed in the scenic spot

The scale of Stegosaurus and human civilization the huge Stegosaurus had a very small brain, even smaller than a small dog, so researchers thought they were a kind of stupid dinosaurs. The length is 7 meters. If the height of the bone plate is included, the height can reach 3.5 meters. Stegosaurus mainly lives in Asia, and has been found in North America, Europe and East Africa. Stegosaurus was first named by resniel Charles Marsh in 1877.

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