Argentina found dinosaur "hiding place" and unearthed sediment-free fossils 220 million years ago

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On April 17, Argentine researchers announced the discovery of a dinosaur "hiding place" 220 million years ago. The fossil was unearthed in September 2018. It is mainly bones and almost no sediment.

It is reported that the "Tibetan place" is located in San Juan, 1100 kilometers west of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. These fossils were unearthed last September.

Ricardo Martinez, an Argentine paleontologist, said that the fossils of about 10 kinds of dinosaurs were excavated here. There was almost no sediment, which was very impressive.

Martinez said that these fossils have a history of nearly 220 million years, and their important value has been deepened because they belong to a period that human beings do not know much about.

Because the diameter and depth of the site where dinosaur fossils were found were about one or two meters, scientists speculated that this might be a water source. During the severe drought, dinosaurs may die collectively at this site due to hunger and thirst when looking for water.

Scientists also found 7 to 8 double toothed animal (mammalian ancestor) fossils and some reptile fossils suspected of crocodile ancestors in this "cemetery".

"I've always been curious about how scientists determine the year," the netizen said“ The world is really old. "“ Dinosaurs have graves? "“ Will human fossils be found hundreds of millions of years later? "“ Dinosaurs have not evolved wisdom for hundreds of millions of years, and humans have evolved from monkeys to humans for millions of years? To tell you the truth, I have questions about the origin of mankind. "“ Speaking of tombs, I think someone has erected a monument for it. "

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