Parachusaurus, the loudest herbivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous period

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Dinosaur Name: Parasaurus

Dinosaur body length: 9-10 meters long

Dinosaur weight: 2.5 tons

Dinosaur food: plants, leaves, fruits and seeds

Age of survival: Late Cretaceous

Survival location: Alberta, Canada and the United States

Simulation model of 8m long Parasaurus

Parasaurus, also known as Parasaurus, means "basically crested snake lizard". It lived in North America in the Late Cretaceous Period, about 7,6 million to 7,33 million years. Those bodies It is 9.4 meters long, 1.7 meters long with the skull and crown, and weighs 2.5 tons. Parasaurus is a bipedal herbivorous dinosaur, but it can transform into four-legged walking. Parasites are likely to choose four-legged form when looking for food to eat, and two-legged form when running. The most well-known feature of Parasaurus is the crown on the top of the head, which is composed of the anterior mandible and the bridge of the nose, extending from the back of the brain. The crown of Parasites is hollow, and the internal structure has a tube from the nasal cavity to the tail of the crown, then around and back to the back of the head to the internal structure of the head. Because of the hollowness of the crown, the researchers felt that it was similar to the small size that everyone sees today, so it is very likely that Parasaurus was the loudest dinosaur among the dinosaurs.

Parachusaurus simulation model 5m

There is a large strange-looking bump on the top of the hadrosauridae, among which Parasaurus is the most eye-catching. Some people say that the weird bulge is a breath organ that can breathe normally in the water, but I think it should be a chest cavity resonance chamber that transmits sound to each other! Among the hadrosaurs, there are those with bald heads and those with caps. Parasaurus is a type of dinosaur with a hood. Its hair crown grows on the bridge of the nose and fills the entrance. Air is sucked in from the nasal cavity and can reach the lungs through those entrances. Those entrances are the dinosaur's pronunciation devices, like the bent pipes in the French horn. There are common depressions on the body of the Parasitoid, which just happens to be able to put the top of the slender hair crown on it, as if carrying a hanging rack.

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