American scientists discover new species of Dinosaurs

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Science and technology daily, Beijing, May 6 (reporter Zhang mengran) - according to a paper published online by the British magazine Nature, ecology and evolution on the 6th, American scientists reported the discovery of a new dinosaur of the small Tyrannosaurus Rex superfamily. These specimens include two groups of young individual bones dating back about 92 million years. The discovery of new dinosaur species has filled an important gap in the history of dinosaur evolution.

Large Tyrannosaurus Rex flourished in the late Cretaceous from 80 million to 66 million years ago, but human beings have not known their origin. This is because in the early Cretaceous, there was a rise in sea level in North America, resulting in a global sampling gap and a lack of samples about history in the evolution.

This time, Virginia Tech scientist Stirling Nesbitt and his colleagues excavated the bones of two new species of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Zuni basin, New Mexico. These fossils represent the most complete samples of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the Middle Cretaceous.

The new species is named s. hazelae, which means "suski" (Coyote) in the local Zuni language. The skull of the new dinosaur species is 25-32 cm long. Although the specimens were from young individuals, the team estimated that the adult dinosaur was much smaller than its late Cretaceous cousins, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. The new species of dinosaur is also small, but it has feet suitable for running and strong bite force - both characteristics that the larger Tyrannosaurus Rex super dinosaurs in the early or late stage did not have at the same time.

The team's analysis positioned s. hazelae dinosaurs as an intermediate species of Tyrannosaurus Rex chaoke dinosaurs - between the smallest and earliest spread Tyrannosaurus Rex chaoke dinosaurs and late Cretaceous giant Tyrannosaurus Rex. The researchers believe that this discovery also provides new insights into the unknown origin of Tyrannosaurus Rex and its related cousins.

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