Black Ruisaurus, a swift and brutal dinosaur

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Dinosaur name: Black Ruisaurus

Dinosaur body length: 2.7 meters

Dinosaur weight: 27 kg

Dinosaur food: small vertebrates

Age of survival: Triassic

Living place: New Mexico, USA

Black Ruisaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur that walks on two legs. Among the dinosaurs discovered at this stage, it is one of the species that survived earlier. Black Ruisaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur that walks on two legs. It was found earlier among the dinosaurs discovered at this stage. It has a very small body, agility and sharpness, and quickly has the final winner of the sandbox game.

Black Ruisaurus

At the end of the Triassic Period, about 230 million years ago, the first dinosaurs evolved from certain vertebrates. These were among the many new animal populations on land at that time. At the same time, during this period, many other new lives were born that ruled the sky and the sea.

At that time, the slowly drifting land on the earth merged along the earth's equator and became a super world. This super world was called the Pangu Kaitian Ancient Land by geographers. On this Pangu Kaitian Ancient Land, the weather is warm like spring everywhere, and the air is slowly getting drier. Hardleaf forests, green cycads and ferns are distributed in areas with abundant water content. The grass-like green plants, blooming green plants and broad-leaved forests that people know nowadays did not even evolve at that time.

The first dinosaurs came out under such conditions.

Black Ruisaurus simulation skeleton

There is an area called Moon Valley in northwestern Argentina, where experts have found many precious fossil skeletons of early dinosaurs and other large and medium vertebrates. Today Moon Valley is already a barren desert land, but at the end of the Triassic period 230 million years ago, it was a riverside that was warm as spring and moist with lush vegetation.

Herrerasaurus is also called "Herrerasaurus". Herrerasaurus lived 240 million years ago and is one of the earliest dinosaurs in the world today. Herrerasaurus can be called the ancestor of carnivorous dinosaurs. Experts calculated one result based on the fossils of Herreras: The Herrerasaurus, which is 5 meters tall and weighs 180 kilograms, is a fast-moving thing. The ossicles in its ears indicate that this dinosaur is likely to have a sensitive auditory system; the slender front paws and sharp teeth of the upper and lower jaws indicate that it is a predator that frightens other animals; standing The posture shows that for this period, the Herrera dragon is dexterous and sensitive, and swift and swift. Its body seems to be specially designed for hunting.

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