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Dinosaur Name: Huayang Dragon

Dinosaur body length: 4m

Dinosaur weight: 1-4 tons

Dinosaur food: plant eating dinosaurs

Survival age: Jurassic

Living place: Sichuan, China

The name of Huayang dragon comes from the nickname "Huayang" of Sichuan Province, where the excavation was carried out. Huayang dragon -- the earliest sword dragon from China.

Huayang Dragon Simulation Model

Similar to the situation of sauropod dinosaurs, stegosaurus may have appeared in the early Jurassic period. However, the researchers' understanding of the early stegosaurus species actually began with the Huayang dragon unearthed in Dashanpu, Zigong, Sichuan, China. Compared with the Shulong and Emei dragons that lived in the same generation and the same region, Huayang dragons are very short and too small. Therefore, when this kind of old guy gobbles up the branches and leaves of the tall branches with his neck held high, Huayang dragons can only tear the short green plants around on the ground, such as ferns.

The fossil of Huayangsaurus was excavated in our country, and it is speculated that it should belong to a relatively primitive stegosaurus dinosaur.

jurassic period Huayang Dragon Simulation Model

Huayang dragons have bone plates or spines from head to tail. There are two rows of heart-shaped iliac sheets in its brain, and there are some sharp iliac spurs starting from the position of the shoulders. This type of bone plate begins to shrink slowly at the pelvis and always expands to the middle of the tail. There are also 4 protruding long pointed bone hyperplasias at the end of the tail.

The dimensions of the front and rear legs of Huayang Dragon are basically the same. There are teeth on the front side of its mouth, and there is a small round hole between its eyes and chin. The evolved Stegosaurus dinosaurs did not have such a small round hole.

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